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CHISPO Selected as a "5A-Level Agency (TOP 100)"


Date: 2023-11-24

On November 22, the China Trademark Association, "China Trademark" magazine, and IPHOUSE (a professional intellectual property market research company) jointly released the "Top 600 Trademark Agencies in China" list. It is reported that this list is first released this year, and CHISPO has been awarded a "5A-Level Agency (TOP 100)" rating due to its outstanding trademark agency performance and exceptional work quality!




The "Top 600 Trademark Agencies in China" list uses official data and establishes a systematic evaluation model with over ten different criteria, including trademark application volume, trademark opposition cases, trademark review cases, etc. After meticulous research and multiple examination rounds, the list evaluates trademark agencies already registered with the National Intellectual Property Administration's Trademark Office. A total of 600 trademark agencies were rated as 5A, 4A, and 3A in terms of trademark agency service capabilities. The release of this list is of great significance as it further standardizes the order of the trademark agency industry and promotes the sustained development of the trademark agency industry.



President Ma Fu's Address (President of the China Trademark Association)


As a leading intellectual property agency, CHISPO has been committed to providing clients with professional, meticulous, and practical intellectual property solutions. The firm has an experienced and highly skilled intellectual property legal team. With excellent service quality and strong performance across the board, CHISPO has won widespread recognition and praise from both domestic and international clients. Being listed on the "Top 600 Trademark Agencies in China" not only affirms CHISPO's past efforts but also serves as a promise for its future development. Moving forward, CHISPO will continue to pursue excellence, constantly improve its service quality, deepen its development in the field of intellectual property, contribute to the innovative development of enterprises, and actively support the high-quality and sustainable development of intellectual property with practical actions!