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About us



CHISPO founded in 2011, is a member of the Protection of Intellectual Property, the International Trademark Association, the China Trademark Association, China National Patent Agents Association, China Patent Protection Association, and the Beijing Patent Agents Association. CHISPO has been selected as the Outstanding Trademark Agent Company in 2019 and 2020, and was rated as AAA-level patent agent in 2020-2023. It has developed into a comprehensive team with more than 90 employees, including professional lawyers, patent attorneys and other professional assistants.  It has undertaken more than ten thousand intellectual property non-litigation and litigation cases, and provides professional, fully elaborated intellectual property services to famous enterprises in several areas of the internet, software, education, finance, garment, catering, medical, and chemical industries, as well as IP counsel for several large enterprises.


Experienced Partner


Having served an accumulated total of 500 well-known domestic enterprises



Practice philosophy

We strive to provide our clients with professional, well-elaborated and practical IP solutions based on the dual principles of " ingenuity" and "practicability".


The average professional Chispo employee has been practicing for about 7.1 years, and their professional strengths cover trademarks, patents, copyrights and litigation.

Team Cooperation

Our consultants closely follow each case during the whole process, and the colleagues of other departments, such as the Trademark Department, Litigation Department, Patent Department and Archives Department, cooperate with them dynamically.

Project Management

Cases commissioned by customers are managed on a project basis. The partner takes the lead, and the consultant and lawyer strictly control the progress of the project, monitor the quality of the project completion, and pay attention to every detail of the project implementation.


Cooperative Partner