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Costas Georgiou

Partner丨International Legal Counsel

As a partner in the firm's International Department, Mr. Georgiou specializes in providing guidance on trademark-related matters. With a strong focus on assisting overseas clients, he has successfully helped numerous organizations overcome complex trademark challenges in China.


Mr. Georgiou's knowledge and understanding of the Chinese Intellectual Property landscape enable him to develop tailored strategies that precisely meet the specific needs of each client. The ability to comprehend and address the individual requirements of international organizations sets him apart as an invaluable partner in navigating the intricacies of trademark-related issues in China.


Moreover, Mr. Georgiou's experience in working with overseas clients has honed his cross-cultural communication and collaboration skills. He possesses a deep appreciation for the nuances and challenges of conducting business in China, which can prove particularly helpful to organizations seeking to establish or expand their presence in the country. His cross-cultural competence ensures a seamless and productive working relationship, bridging any gaps that may arise due to differences in language or business practices.


Mr. Georgiou completed his legal studies at The University of Manchester and is a Cyprus-qualified lawyer. To complement his legal expertise with a solid foundation in business, he completed the UCL MBA at Peking University, for which he earned multiple scholarships.


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