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Guohua Li

Partner丨Trademark Attorney

In 2007, Mr. Guohua Li started working at one of Beijing’s Intermediate People’s Courts where he gained extensive experience in the adjudication of intellectual property and commercial cases. This experience has given Mr. Li unique insights into the intricacies of litigation, which he uses to help his clients successfully navigate the most challenging legal disputes.


After being called to the bar in 2016, Mr. Li has focused his practice on providing clients with expert legal representation in highly complex intellectual property civil and administrative cases. His areas of specialization include trademark authorization administrative litigation, trade secrets, and civil and commercial contract disputes. Thanks to his deep knowledge and experience, Mr. Li has successfully represented clients from a diverse range of industries.


Representative Experience

“GFLA” (Trademark Infringement): Obtained ¥8.32m in punitive damages.

“FILA” (Trademark Infringement): Identified products infringing the “FILA” trademark and successfully removed them from the market.

Shengao Furniture v. Di Ou Design (Patent Infringement): Obtained ¥2.8m in compensation.

Yuanfudao v. Akasuo (Commercial Defamation & Unfair Competition): Conducted a litigation investigation, submitted the relevant evidence, and identified the infringing party which was ordered to stop these practices and pay a compensation of ¥200,000


Anayar (Trademark Infringement): Identified a trademark dilution and successfully safeguarded the client’s trademark reputation.


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