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Guohua Li

Partner丨Trademark Attorney

 In 2007, he worked in an intermediate people’s court in Beijing, mainly engaged in the trial of intellectual property and civil and commercial cases. During the work of the court, he accumulated rich experience in trial practice.

In 2016, he was qualified as a lawyer. During his practice, Mr. Li handled many complicated intellectual property civil and administrative cases as the principal litigation lawyer.

Based on the trial practice experience, Mr. Li can provide customized litigation strategies for different fields and different type of cases, and provide clients with guiding litigation plans. He is good at various types of intellectual property rights protection, trademark authorization administrative litigation, trade secret cases and civil and commercial contract disputes, etc.

Typical cases:

“GFLA” trademark infringement case: Obtain more than 8 million yuan in compensation for the client through the punitive damages system.

“FILA” trademark infringement case: Successfully identified foreign FILA products as infringing products and eliminated the market.

Shengao furniture v. Di Ou design patent infringement case: Obtain 2.8 million yuan compensation for the client through precise calculation.

Ape Tutor v. Acasso business defamation case: Through in-depth investigation, the actual infringer was determined and bore the legal responsibility.

“Anayar (Chinese characters)” trademark infringement case: Through detailed analysis, the infringement with strong concealment is identified as infringement, which avoids the dilution of customer trademark.