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Why does the creation of intellectual property "rise against the trend"?



The new crown pneumonia epidemic is still affecting the development of the global economy. In this context, the number of authorized invention patents in my country has increased significantly. The latest data shows that in 2020, the number of patents granted in my country will reach 530 thousand, a year-on-year increase of 17.1%.
"In 2020, the whole country will work hard to overcome the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, economic operations will gradually return to normal, and innovation will show a positive trend." The relevant person in charge of the Strategic Planning Department of the State Intellectual Property Office viewed this data in this way.
In fact, since the epidemic, the State Intellectual Property Office has done a lot of work in order to ease the difficulties of enterprises to the greatest extent and help resume work and production, such as the introduction of patent applications, trademark registration, intellectual property pledge financing and other facilitation measures; Open a patent information platform for epidemic prevention and control, compile relevant patent analysis and research reports, and help scientific research on epidemic prevention and control; provide intellectual property services to facilitate private enterprises, and promptly introduce facilitation relief measures involving online business processing, rights restoration, and reduction of material submissions. Open a "green channel" for patent applications involving the epidemic, speed up the review, etc. These measures have effectively stimulated the vitality of market innovation and played a positive role in hedging the impact of the epidemic.
The deeper reason lies in the unwavering adherence to the road of high-quality development. In 2020, the State Intellectual Property Office will continue to focus on promoting the high-quality development of intellectual property rights, jointly with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology, issued the "Opinions on Improving the Quality of Patent in Higher Educational Institutions and Promoting Transformation and Application", and selected 110 colleges and universities to carry out pilot demonstration work; The Assets Supervision and Administration Commission issued guidelines for promoting the high-quality development of intellectual property work of central enterprises, initiated patent navigation actions for major research projects, and supported the resolution of the "stuck neck" problem. These measures have planted fire for high-quality intellectual property creation.
At the same time, the quality and efficiency of intellectual property review has been improved, once again unleashing great potential. During the epidemic, the State Intellectual Property Office coordinated and promoted the work arrangements for epidemic prevention and control and patent examination, and established a work model compatible with epidemic prevention and control through measures such as strengthening the construction of examiners, accelerating the upgrading of information systems, and optimizing review cycle management. , The quality and efficiency of the review have been effectively improved. At present, the quality and efficiency of intellectual property review has been steadily advanced. The review period for high-value patents has been reduced to 14 months, the average review period for invention patents has been reduced to 20 months, and the average review period for trademark registration applications has been shortened to 4 months. "In the next step, the State Intellectual Property Office will continue to deepen the reform of decentralization, regulation and service in the field of intellectual property rights, further improve the quality and efficiency of intellectual property review, and strive to create a good business environment and innovation environment, and provide more powerful incentives and protection Guarantee." The person in charge said.
Not only the number of invention patents granted, but also the number of international patent applications submitted by my country through the "Patent Cooperation Treaty" (PCT), the number of international trademark registration applications for Madrid, and the number of applications for registration of integrated circuit layout designs have also "against the trend in 2020." Up". These achievements not only highlight the vitality of China’s innovation and the upward trend of China’s economy, but also reflect my country’s solid foundation for high-quality creation of intellectual property rights and extraordinary efforts to this end.