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China initiates 16th special campaign of combating online copyright infringement and piracy nationwide



       Recently, a special nationwide action codenamed Sword Net 2020 campaign was jointly launched by the National Copyright Administration, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security and Cyberspace Administration of China, unveiling the curtain to crack down on online copyright infringement and piracy for the 16th time since 2005.


       The campaign will last four months, from June to October, and focus on five key areas in response to the emergence of a number of new challenges. First, the authorities will regulate the markets related to copyright protection of audiovisual works, cracking down severely on infringements including illegal filming and recording in cinemas, pirating activities in the short video field, and the spread of pirated film and television works through streaming media platform. Second, they will also enhance copyright supervision of e-commerce platforms by targeting online shops selling pirated books, databases and web links and storing illegal accounts and passwords and striking a severe blow on the illegal use of pictures, music and videos. Third, social media platforms will be urged to better protect the copyrights of news reports and images and those related to willful infringements will be shut down. Fourth, the authorities will strengthen copyright protection of online education materials, vigorously protecting the copyright of the platform for learning Building a Powerful Nation, cracking down upon infringements related to online education and training and cutting off the illegal industrial chain of pirated courses online. Fifth, they will continue to fight against server piracy and illegal plug-ins, promote to improve the system of online music copyright authorization, beef up copyright supervision of knowledge-sharing platforms, and consolidate achievements related to online literature, animation, cloud services, app markets and online advertising.