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United Together to Do the Best for All - CHISPO Donates Materials To Fight The Epidemic



These days, many countries around the world have erupted with outbreaks of COVID-19. At the same time as China has achieved a hard-fought level of victory over this scourge, it has transmitted its anti-epidemic experience, medicine, and equipment to countries in need.




Meanwhile, the firm Chispo Attorneys at Law has also done its best to donate materials to help fight the epidemic.         




As an international humanitarian donation, Chispo Attorneys at Law has provided more than 5,000 disposable medical masks in compliance with the country's standards to a number of law firms in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain. "All together, we do our best for all", for we firmly believe that all countries in the world will become united in an ultimately triumphant struggle, and that  we will be able to definitively defeat COVID-19 together.