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Successful Case: Chispo Has Successfully Defended a Design Patent Titled "Reception Desk", Securing RMB 360,000 Compensation for Sunon Technology

Author: CHISPO

Date: 2024-03-29

Case Summary:
Sunon Technology owns design patent right No. 201630529810.6, entitled "Reception Desk." The defendant, without the plaintiff's authorization, manufactured, produced, and sold the alleged infringing products, thereby constituting an infringement upon the plaintiff's design patent rights. Chispo represented the plaintiff in filing a lawsuit with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court.

Judged Shanghai Huazhai Office Furniture Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yanjiang Office Furniture Co., Ltd. to compensate Sunon for economic losses in the amount of RMB 200,000 and reasonable expenses totaling RMB 160,000.


Case Analysis:
The infringement in this case is relatively clear. Although there are noticeable differences between the infringing products and the patented design in terms of the bottom and rear parts, they are nearly identical in the main view and perspective view, and there is no substantial difference in overall visual effect, making it easy to determine infringement.
The main difficulty in this case lies in determining the amount of compensation and reasonable expenses. As the defendants are online store operators, the court usually considers them as sellers and imposes lighter liability for infringement. However, through investigation and evidence gathering, our lawyer proved to the court that the seller was the manufacturer of the infringing products. Despite the low sales volume of the infringing products, the court ultimately ordered the defendants to bear higher compensation liability and fully supported the plaintiff's reasonable expenses. Although the compensation is not relatively high, considering the proportion between sales data and compensation, the compensation amount and reasonable expenses in this case are much higher than those in similar cases.